Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Decor Craft

My Christmas decorations are a bit lack luster. Aside from stuff for the Christmas tree and two stockings, you can hardly tell I even decorated around here. 

So I did what any girl in her 20s does. 

I went to Pinterest.

I found this and decided some white popsicle stick snowflakes would look good on my barren red wall. 

I got popsicle sticks from my local super center for less than $2.  

I had the white paint and glue gun on hand, so that was free. 

Et VoilĂ ! They're not as big as the ones in the inspiration, but I could only find mini sticks. There're about 150 of those bad boys in three flakes. Plus, I think they're just as cute as the big ones. 

What are you crafting for the Holidays?

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