Monday, March 10, 2014

A Stay-cation

A visual representation of my week brought to you
by my very lazy, yet adorable, dog. 
It’s been a boring week, an escape week. I haven’t really done much of accomplishing anything. Actually, I played a lot of video games, mainly Skyrim, so maybe that can stand as my accomplishment.

I think I’ve finally processed the whole my dad has cancer thing. After three weeks of constantly centering my thoughts and research on it, I’ve come to understand that it’s out of my hands.

There’s nothing I can do but try to make his journey easier with my support. He’s remained remarkably chipper despite his irritation at the amount of sciencey stuff being done to him. The man hates doctors.

But as time has passed, things have returned to some kind of normal with not so normal conversations about treatments and statistics.

Stress takes a lot out of you; and as my mind calmed from dad worries, money worries, and life worries, my mind, body, and soul needed to recuperate. So, I took a stay-cation.

We’re talking books, movies, and video games. Even though I’ve finally started to lose weight again, I even ordered out so I could take a vacation from cooking too (I kept it light with a sandwich and sweet potato fries, but it’s still the first bit of bread I’ve had in a while).

I may be behind on my personal writing, but I don’t regret giving myself a week to do nothing. Boredom sucks, and I had many moments of it over this past week; I enjoyed how it sucked. Not filling my free time with worries was like an energy drink for the soul.

Now refreshed, I’m going to keep a better tap on my worries. I’ll still give myself that daily moment to flip out about life’s uncontrollables, but I’m going to find the off button quicker.


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