Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Supernatural Bloodlines Review

I’m a Supernatural fan (fan is an understatement but I don’t want to show my crazy, so we’ll stick with that), but I haven’t caught up to season 9 yet—three more seasons to go—so I’ve been avoiding watching the new stuff.

But, in my fan stalkerish ways, I saw that a new spin-off was coming via a tweet from Misha Collins (Castiel, dreamboat angel, Cas), and I was excited to watch it.

So far, I’m on the fence with it. I’ve seen a lot of Tumblr and Twitter criticism. My favorite was when someone said, This is not Supernatural … Thank you, captain obvious, I think that’s what they were going for.

Although, it did seem a little counterintuitive to premiere the spin-off in Supernatural’s timeslot considering they’re knee deep in the climax of their season, and people are waiting not-so-patiently for the culmination of the whole Metatron, Abaddon, blade, sign of Cain thing to come to a head.

If they wanted a more fair rating, they should’ve given it its own airtime

My problems with the show itself:

-The parallels between Sam’s story and Ennis’s story. The whole reason I loved Sam’s plot line in the first few seasons was the brother bond. Bloodline doesn’t have a brother bond. Besides that, why try to repeat ideas? Why? There are so many ways they could’ve gone, why go down similar bunny holes?

-It’s a little too dramatic. I don’t watch Days of Our Lives (Is this still a show? Seriously, the last time I watched a soap was in the Marlaina going crazy days) for a reason. Some of the acting had a very soap opera vibe, though a lot of CW’s stuff does. Dramatic back turned pauses are a common thread found in all their shows.

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There were some Dean/Cas parallels here that made this scene worthwhile. 

-The shape-shifter species changes. In Supernatural, they were gruesome and murderous and left piles of skin behind. In Bloodlines, they just sort of morph into who they want to be no problem. I can think myself around this to a place where it is believable, but I hope they account for the difference somehow.

Things I liked:

-David. Seriously, he’s like a happier Dean, (I’m sure that happiness will die sooner or later) but he seems well adjusted for a monster. He’s funny, and he’s charming in a way that could win over most anyone. And I liked Nathaniel Buzolic acting, none of it seemed over done.

-Ennis. I felt for him, I did. I also liked the way he took out the baddie, no hesitation—even though the baddie was justifiable in his motives—(although, the Winchesters not having a problem with it was a bit odd to me). He has a tendency to overact, though. But, I thought that about Sam in the beginning, too. I’m hoping he’s just in his ‘feeling out the character’ stage and will relax into it.


I think this gif set sums up my 
opinions of the two. 
Love them both, though. 

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-I liked the five monster families controlling Chicago plot. It is kind of reminiscent of most monster shows, one species trying to control everything, but I think the compilation of Supernatural monsters will be interesting, especially if demons and angels ever become a part of the plot.

I will definitely watch the next episode, and I’m excited about the prospect of liking it. It has some work to do to win me over, but I’m open to the experience.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the spin-off. Are you watching or not watching? 


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