Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Late Thanksgiving

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It's finals time for me. A fastly approaching ending to the worst semester ever. Thanksgiving was a nice reprieve from the academic stress, but sometimes family stress can be worse. Luckily, I bypassed that for the most part.

My family time is relatively relaxing, aside from being pulled in a million directions in order to see everyone, my parents, the large family, and then my little old granny. Usually that travel is compounded by the added stress of seeing Jay's family. That side is usually not so fun. After nine years, I still don't exactly mesh with the larger part of his extended family. I chalk it up to different backgrounds. Thankfully, they didn't hold a Thanksgiving dinner this year and the arguments were limited to one bad text argument between Jay and his brother where I was once again blamed for their relationship issues even though I've only spoken to the man twice in my entire life…I am apparently the social pariah. That's cool, not a huge fan of you either!

All that aside, I am thankful for the family I did see and the time I got to spend at home. 

And I am more than thankful that I only have ONE MORE WEEK left of classes. No seminar paper, poetry portfolio, probably the worst Holocaust papers I've ever written due to possibly the worst TA on earth, nor French final will put a damper on that excitement. 

Until then, I hope everyone is enjoying the Christmas season. Despite my lack of resources to purchase any gifts, I plan on having an amazing Christmas with my family, anyways. We may not have gifts, but I have Mia and the rest of the family in tact. The exchange was worth it.  

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  1. I am making homemade gifts for everyone in my family this year since my job doesn't hardly pay me! Some might think its cheap, but I think they will be worth it because of the thought that goes into them!