Saturday, November 17, 2012

To Grad or Not to Grad?????

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It's that time of my academic career. That time when I should be filling out applications for grad school, bundling my best writing, and trying to sell myself via a well worded essay. 

None of that is happening right now. After ten weeks of classes that I have just dreaded, I've decided I need a break. Not that my classes haven't been interesting. I'm taking a comic currents in poetry class, Holocaust lit class, and a medieval lit class. Each class is great in its own right, I feel like i'm learning a lot and definitely enjoying the reading (a little less on the medieval lit), but my assignments have been lack luster. My papers are boring and uninspired. My weekly responses are just sufficient enough to get by and my contributions during class are few and far between. 

Bottom line, I am sick of school. I'm sick of homework, quizzes, exams, French class, dear Lord, do I hate French class. 

I had a plan four years ago: bust ass at every level of undergrad and then shoot on through grad school. But, I'm burnt out. 

After June, when I graduate, I am now taking a year off. Hell, maybe two. I'm not sure yet. I'm going to attempt to get a job. I am going to write my heart out. Write the stuff I actually want to write. I'm going to read the books that I actually WANT to read. I'm going to enjoy my weekends and free time after work and actually explore this new city we've been in for the past year that I've seen barely any of. 

Or maybe I'll just suck it up and finish once and for all. What am I going to do with a Bachelor in English anyways?

Signed~ Stressed and Undecided

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  1. Best of luck in whatever direction you choose to go. I had the "bust ass" plan, but it got severely derailed when I was wait-listed for grad school. It's lead to me taking an (involuntary) year off...sometimes I think it's a great thing and sometimes I think it's terrible.

    -DAB from 20sb