Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Feeling Better

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It’s been four months since I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I started taking hormones to try and correct the problem so I could start losing the weight it made me pack on and hopefully get my energy back.

The hormones are working okay so far. Before starting, I generally felt like crap all day. Kind of like the day before you get a really nasty cold where you feel weak, exhausted, and mentally drained.

With my initial dose, I stopped taking naps, which was great. I had almost enough energy to sustain myself during the day. I still had the pre-dinner crash where my body felt physically sick, but I could power through and stay up to a reasonable 9-10 at night. But I was still gaining weight and my monthly gift was still M.I.A., which is problematic for someone who plans on getting pregnant within the next year. While I didn’t nap at this level, it was damn near impossible to get out of bed in the morning.

I wasn’t really shocked when the doctor increased my dosage. Now, I’m taking double what I did initially, and I can generally function like a normal human being for most of the day. I’m not plagued by constant nausea, and I haven’t felt physically weak in a long time. I don’t nap, and 6-8 hours is enough sleep to keep me going through the day. Yet, Aunt Flow is still missing, and I haven’t lost a pound yet. My weight has sustained itself, though. So that’s a plus.

I go in for blood work Friday, and I won’t be surprised if they up my dose again; although, I have developed a small heart palpitation if I have any caffeine since my last dosage.  I’m a little worried about what another increase will mean. I’m even more worried about all the tests I’m going to have to check my heart.

On another good note, I go back for my final MRI in the upcoming month to make sure my artery dissection has healed. I definitely think I’ll breathe a bit easier once I’m not constantly worried about another blood clot.

Fingers crossed I can get my thyroid to cooperate and finally start losing this weight. It's beyond frustrating to keep up the workout/eat healthy routine with no results. Even a little bit would be a good booster to keep going.

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  1. I've heard it can be hard to get the dosage down. A lot of adjusting and trial and error. It will happen though and I wish you the best!