Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Original Art II

Art has always been something I've done for distraction. Considering my mind has been centered on my dad's diagnosis, I've spent the last week starting a bunch of projects and finishing some, too.

Dinner View
My view outside my window of the setting sun through the trees as I prepped dinner one night inspired this acrylic on canvas work...hence the title.

This project has been in varying stages of incompleteness for a while. They don't sell very many black fake flowers so I had to paint all the leaves from the red and white ones to go with my living room color scheme. It's still not done; I plan on hanging letters and pictures from it to fill it in more, but at least it's hanging!


Another acrylic on canvas painting that's almost done. There will be white, translucent-like butterflies filling in that blank space on the right a bit more, but I ran out of white paint.

Crayon on canvas here. I like how it has the drips going in two different directions like they're pulling away from each other. I may even hang it vertically.


I started this today. You'll have to wait and see on this one.

What do ya think? If anyone else is artistically inclined, let me know. I love new art!


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