Monday, August 11, 2014

New Additions

Meet Sir Figs Birdington

It’s been a stressful month and a half. I can’t say getting another pet really did anything to lessen the financial stress, but he’s done wonders for the emotional state of the house.

I haven’t really gotten too deep into my fertility issues, since this is a public blog and the world doesn’t need to be privy to the happenings of my womb, but we’re having problems. Something’s not working in my lady area, making baby creation a problem.

A bird makes me feel better about the state of things for some reason. It soothes my baby fever a bit and helps me concentrate on other things as I wait for more testing and appointments to figure out what’s wrong and where to go from here.  

Financially, it probably wasn’t the best move, either, but sometimes you do things to forget. Some people drink to do this; I get a bird.

He’s a turquoise Green Cheek Conure, hatched back in February so not even a year old. He’s adorably cuddly, something I didn’t expect from a bird but am definitely pleased with. He plays with cat toys more than my cats do. He goes through a midafternoon scream fest that lasts about 10 minutes but is otherwise quiet. He is pretty potty trained, which I thought was impossible for birds, but the amount of poop I’ve seen him let loose makes me really happy about that.

Any other bird parents out there? Any advice?  


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