Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Weight Loss Journey Update

Driving shot on my trip up north 
I’ve mentioned my numerous struggles with weight loss that started a little over a year ago before, but I haven’t updated that story very much considering nothing’s really happened—just 7 or so months of me teeter-tottering a one pound weight loss, a very self-deprecating journal entry, and more doctor’s visits with no help moving forward.

Then I gave up gluten a little over a month ago and things started changing.

The pain relief was pretty immediate. I’d become accustomed to an all over aching, slow post workout heal time, sore joints, etc. To have all that disappear was kind of jarring.

The constant nausea and bloating lessened about a week in, which—according to an old journal—started persistently back in 2007. I’ve been dealing with nausea for so long that I couldn’t remember what it was like to eat and not feel sick immediately afterwards. For the first two weeks, I was over eating simply because nausea had always been how I knew it was time to stop.

About a month in, I stepped on the scale. 5lbs down. I can’t describe the feeling at seeing those numbers. I became a bit obsessive with weighing myself then, afraid that maybe it was just a fluke in the scale.

But it kept dropping.




It’s been two weeks now, and I’ve managed to maintain an 11lb weight loss.

I’ve decided to stop weighing myself now as to savor this successful feeling. I know it’s going to slow soon, and I don’t want to be disappointed.

But, I’m excited about working out again and actually seeing results.

I’m in a funny clothing place now. My fat pants are too big but my next size down are still too snug. No matter though. My closet could probably support a small clothing shop with its variations in sizing. I have pants in five different sizes floating around in there.

I do want to make it clear that this loss isn’t simply from giving up gluten. I’m not saying I have Celiac disease, because I haven’t been tested, but it has become abundantly clear post giving it up that something about gluten containing products was making me ill and affecting my metabolism.

Case in point, my heart palpitations are back. I haven’t had problems with those for a couple months when I adjusted to my higher thyroid medicine dosage. But a couple weeks after giving up gluten, they returned and I have a feeling my dosage may be too high now.

This gives me great hope my hypothyroidism might be from the gluten. Maybe I’ll be medicine free again soon!

Also, my period is back, which is probably the best thing about this process as the hubs and I are planning to start trying for kids in the coming October. I’ve spent the last couple of months worrying that I wasn’t going to be able to conceive since a working womb is kind of central to the process.

I will update a lot more on this now as I progress…now that I am progressing. I have a doctor appointment at the end of the month, so hopefully I’ll get the heart issues straightened out.


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