Thursday, September 4, 2014

My Harry Potter Blood Runs Deep

It’s been three years since the last time I sat in the theaters to watch Harry Potter. It’s been seven since I last sat outside Media Play (who remembers that store??) for the midnight release of Deathly Hallows.

Yet, Harry Potter still finds a way to sneak into my consciousness.

I’m kind of known in my friend group for inappropriate dreams staring various Potter characters.

It started with a random dream many years ago now, where Harry, not Dan Rad, pulled up to me on the streets of New York in a limo asking me if I wanted to see his magic stick … Mhm, my dream brain thinks Potter’s a bit pervy.

No no, Harry. No no.
Honestly, last month, I hadn’t even seen, read, or thought about HP for quite sometime. Imagine my surprise when none other than George Weasley pops into my dreams like we’re old pals, who dream me was also secretly in love with … I was unaware that I harbored any romantic inclinations for the twins.

While it was a much more PG dream than I’m used to when it comes to fictional characters, it awakened my teenage Potter fanatic.

I’ve started rereading the series, the hubs and I watched HP 1-3 on Labor Day, and I even checked out Pottermore to catch up on Rowling’s new writing.

Can I just say how much I miss Harry Potter? The anticipation of the next book/film, midnight premieres, the whole day I’d dedicate to reading the next book. My youth revolved around that world.

And it kind of surprises me that I still find them amazing at 27 years old.

Fan stuff is also amazing

 I don’t think I’ve reached that level of fanatic with any other series. I kind of shy away from large series for that reason, too—I can be quite obsessive when it comes to books I love, so long series take big chunks of my times and funds.

I do know if Rowling ever picks up the pen for another series in that world, I’m going to be all over it. I haven’t read Mythical Beasts, but I am excited about the movie and seeing the wizarding world set in New York.

Anybody else have strange character dreams or all consuming book recommendations? What thing defines your childhood?


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