Thursday, October 23, 2014

Lush Haul

In celebration of my employed-ness, I took a trip to Lush.

Somewhere circa 1999 bath fun was all the rage. Every present I got for Christmas in the 7th grade had some form of bath salt, bath pearl, or bath fizzer inside. Little me went crazy in the bath accouterments aisle at the dollar store.

And then it all disappeared. The only things left to take a bath with was that pink stuff that parents bought for their toddlers, which reminded me more of Pepto-Bismol than something I should be bathing in.

Needless to say, I spent decades with boring baths, waiting to find something to bring me back to the lavender scented bliss of my middle school days.

Then I spotted Lush, competing with Hollister for the mall’s smelliest store but still inviting with their little baskets full of gigantic bombs and bags touting their cruelty free bend. They sucked me right in.

Lush has become a reward system. Whenever there’s something worth celebrating, I get a bath bomb. A new job was a cause for massive celebration, so I went a bit wild.

Sparkler Bath Bomb $6.95
I’ve already used this one. I liked the unique shape of it and the spicer scent of Rose Jam over the purple Northern Lights bomb, even if Sparkler wasn’t exactly exciting in the tub. It just shoots out copper glitter. Still a nice scent and my skin felt smooth after.

Father Christmas $6.40
I got this one more for the festiveness than the smell. It smells like a flowery, pink jolly rancher to me, if that makes sense. But it’s supposed to color your bath red to green, so I had to get it. Just look at that jolly face.

Butterbear $4.95
I got this one for a friend’s birthday because it has a lot of oils, and she was complaining of dry skin. If you’ve ever had the candy FunDip, this one smells exactly like the stick. I’ve used the Butterball bomb before, and it’s the one that made me fall in love with Lush. You feel moisturized for a couple days after your bath.

Cinders $4.95
Mmm, love the smell of cinnamon on this one. This one has a lot of oils as well, so I’m hoping it gives me a nice silky feeling.

Wizard Bubble Bar $7.95
I thought this one was adorable, and it has a musky pine scent to me that I really like. I thought it was festive and cute.

Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar $7.95
This has a hard scent to describe, sort of a citrusy spice happening. I mainly got it for it’s shape. Most of their bubble bars are too fruity for my taste, so that’s a point for the pumpkin.

Hot Toddy Shower Gel $19.95
I haven’t stopped using this since I got it. It smells like sweet apple cinnamon, and you smell like apples for a couple hours post shower. Love. It lathers well too. It’s a bit pricey and limited edition, so I’ll miss it when it’s gone.

As Lush is so expensive, I usually cut my bombs and bars in pieces so I can get more than one use. I also usually don’t go for that many at one time either, but a steady pay check makes you go a bit crazy at first.

`Who else loves Lush? What’s your favorite product?


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