Sunday, October 19, 2014

Old Stuff and New Stuff

My parents came to visit today, lugging another loveseat in the back of their van to shove into my tiny little garage apartment. At least my furniture matches now, and I can say it was all made post 1950.

Anybody else the family donation box?

A big antiques market was happening in the next town over, so we went to look around. I really, really wanted a coffee table and chest I found, but I went home empty handed in the end. Although, I regret leaving the coffee table behind. Our living room has plenty of seating now but only one half-destroyed end table I've been dying to replace.

Last week was kind of a big week for us. I started working full time and the hubs had an interview and got the job on the same day.

We're a working couple now!

It's kind of insane. I've never had a straight, 40 hour 'conventional' job before. I can't really say this is conventional either, since it's a work from home customer service job, but it is full time.

It's a special sort of wonderful to talk to customers in my pink zebra print pajama pants and a bird on my head.

And it's sooo good to not have to worry about bills anymore. Our slim savings had fallen to the desperation level. I seriously worried about having to start that whole 'sell your stuff for survival' routine.

Interesting reading

I'd like to think I'm more spiritual than religious, and it's times like these that reaffirm my personal brand of faith. I don't expect God to hold my hand through life, but I like to think He puts things in place that I need to find.


I'm glad both the hubs and I found these opportunities.

This past month, really the past six months, has been nothing but a hurry-up-and-wait time. Anticipation is one of life's true hells. Nothing can describe my feelings when I first realized it was over.


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