Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Job Hunting

While I'm writing both creatively and freelancing, I'm also looking for a more permanent and stable paying job. 

I knew before deciding to major in English that job searching was not going to be the easiest thing in the world. But, I thought, 'hey, I went to a great school, got great grades, it won't be that bad.'

I was wrong. I've been out of school since June 21st. I've been jobless since June 21st. I've turned in over 100 applications. I was called back for one. That one…well, I completely bombed the phone interview. I was wholly unprepared for it and that particular job opportunity was part of my mass application front where I applied for anything and everything. I didn't exactly have award winning answers. It really wasn't any surprise when I didn't get it. Plus, I am so much better in person. Phone interviews suck. 

Moral of the story, English degrees are really, really unmarketable. It doesn't matter what school you went to, or your grades, it's all about luck for us. 

Thankfully, I've finally got an in on a job through a referral, so I am hoping beyond hope that this will be the one. 

I haven't seen people out in the wild in a very long time. I'm going stir crazy. I only talk to people I know over the phone or through text. Actual human interaction is strictly between my fianc√© and I and a roommate we had briefly who has already moved out. 

I need to rejoin society before I lose my crackers. 


  1. I know how you feel. I graduated in Journalism and faced the terror of the job search. I felt like hell with all the rejection and I sacrificed a ton of social time to keep applying for jobs.

    You may already be doing this, but try searching for different types of jobs that involve your major. Content Writer, Marketing, and Social Media Specialist are a few that come to mind (that social media one got a lot of responses). What websites have you been using to search for jobs, if you don't mind me asking?

  2. I mainly use Indeed and LinkedIn as the major search engines since Indeed seems to be a compiler of most the job boards. I also search the job boards for the local colleges in my area and my alma mater, and I found a site that posts non-profit positions in my area.

    I search all kinds of jobs from receptionist to coordinator. I haven't looked into marketing though. Thanks!

  3. I can completely relate to this. I've landed a job after graduating in July. I am a qualified social worker, however, I was not prepared for the huge competition and mass cuts that are prevalent at the moment. Job searching literally made me feel like life was draining from me! Hope the job you want will happen for you :)