Friday, October 12, 2012

Fill in the Blank Friday

My first link-up!

My favorite flower is a tie between Bleeding Hearts and Orchids. I love the bold colors of orchids; I had a blue orchid for a while. I love bleeding hearts because they have a very bold look, plus they're shaped like a heart. :)

You should never talk about politics. Mainly because I don't know enough about the election to really contribute an educated opinion (working on it, so I can make a good vote though). 

My favorite discovery as of late is Marshals. They have super cute home decorations for really cheap. I bought a table cloth, art for my wall, and a glass centerpiece for $30. Can we say score?!

This fall you will probably find me wearing my knitted beret. I love a cute knitted cap and it makes hair styling easier while also keep my ears warm. Double win! 

I wish I were  done with school already. Seriously, it's been three very long years and this last home stretch seems to be the hardest part. 

My favorite TV show currently is Doctor Who. I discovered this show some time last year and watched all six seasons within two months. I got way too attached to the Pond's and I am still not quite over their departure.  

This weekend I want to take a lot of pictures, attempt to make my first apple pie, and hopefully have a really nice visit home full of family and friends. 


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