Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Poem or Two

Since I am currently taking three upper level lit classes this semester (I just had to be an English major) finding the time to plan and create posts with anything akin to substance has been hard.

To make up for my lack of blogging skills at the moment, I have decided to put up a few poems I wrote for the poetry class I am taking.

I am not a poetic genius. This isn't even a craft course, so please don't expect genius. That said, hopefully they make you chuckle, considering it's a class about comedic currents in poetry.

The first one is my Whitman imitation poem:

Life! A portable time line I can scroll through!

Every stage categorized, photographed...marked with a
     notification, a time stamp shared!

Every illness and cure a click away, my doctor a mouse, guiding me
     through harmless hangnail to full finger amputation!

Images of my organized, three story, gothic, 4 bedroom, full library,
     100 acre, middle of nature with a fully functioning green house 
     so I can finally say I am self sufficient home... easier pinned 
     to a board than somewhere solid!

Images of my family with whom I share blood but not common
     memory, e-cards rather than real cards...virtual hugs better 
     than none!

What a comfort to see my friend list greater than 100, that increase
     of 'Happy Birthdays' posted to my virtual wall—popularity 
     finally measured in numbers!

What a joy to know I leave my own footprint in the sands of the
     wireless—it'll last much longer than the beach anyway!

And this one is what happens when I am instructed to write a bad poem: 

“Ode to a Cricket”
Creatures of the night
        With legs like string and bow
You sprinkle my yard
        Like chocolate chips on a cookie
A movable symphony
        Free music for four-legged insomniacs

Sometimes I am lucky
        A bedtime solo just for me
And we play a game of tag
        So I can get a closer look

Night's lonely singer
        With my shoe
                I squish

So these are the types of things this lovely mind is creating this semester. Thoughts? Opinions? Any one want to write an awesomely bad poem and share it with me???

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  1. The "Ode to a Cricket is hilarious! Great poetry :) I'm your newest follower from 20SB and hope you'll follow back at ashareyes.blogspot.com